Grassroots Innovation
Innovative products or processes developed by the low-income group, usually aimed at meeting basic needs as well as overcoming the hardships and challenges of life.
Social Innovation
Income-generating innovations to improve the well-being of society through the use of existing technologies to meet social needs.
Inclusive Innovation
High quality innovation, affordable and can benefit the B40 group.


YIM is implementing initiatives in line with the Government’s policy to ensure that the country has high knowledgeable, diverse, creative and innovative human capital to meet the needs of the country by 2050, especially to achieve the Common Prosperity Vision, as well as facing the IR 4.0 boom.

Hala Tuju Inovasi Sosial (SIR)

About Hala Tuju Inovasi Sosial is developed as a guideline to drive social innovation in Malaysia in driving economic and...

Ruang Reka STIE Keluarga Malaysia

About The STIE @ Community Design Space Project is a science, technology, innovation and economic culture program by developing prototypes...

Grassroots Enrichment Programme (GEP)

About The Grassroots Enrichment Program is implemented to strengthen and enhance entrepreneurial skills among YIM grassroots innovators. GEP focuses on...

Inclusive SME Ecosystem (I-SEE)

Inclusive SME Ecosystem (I-SEE) is a continuation of the High Impact Programme 6 (HIP 6) -Inclusive Innovation Programme which was...


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