About Us

Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) is a grassroots innovation development agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and was established on 20 October 2008.

YIM acts as a platform to find, develop and match innovation development funds with a network of more than 4,000 innovators nationwide to promote and cultivate grassroots innovations that have the potential to be commercialized while improving the well-being of the community especially the quality of life of the B40s. 


The reinforcement of collaboration between government research institutes (GRIs), institutions of higher learning (IHLs), the government and industry.

Towards this goal, YIM has zeroed in on grassroots innovations – using novel or new ideas that are usually developed in unconventional settings to deal with issues that are often neglected in the context of mainstream solutions. These often adopt a “bottom-up” approach for community empowerment through affordable access, enhanced quality and functionality, access for excluded population such as the poor, disabled, women, elderly and disadvantaged groups with significant outreach and sustainable strategies.

Vision & Mission


To develop and promote creative skills in the field of science and technology in academia, industry and society.


Our vision is to drive innovation and creativity amongst Malaysians, targeting children, youth, women, disabled people, rural communities and non-government organizations.

Field of Focus

Grassroots Innovation

Innovative products or processes developed by the low-income group, usually aimed at meeting basic needs as well as overcoming the hardships and challenges of life.

Social Innovation

Income-generating innovations to improve the well-being of society through the use of existing technologies to meet social needs.

Inclusive Innovation

High quality and affordable innovations that benefits the B40 group.