Aquafonic Techniques To Increase Crop Productivity, So Tourist Attractions In Kundasang

When we talk about Kundasang, we will definitely imagine the cool and comfortable air in addition to the green vegetable fields. In Sabah, Kundasang is a major center for the cultivation and production of upland vegetables. The fertile land and beautiful scenery is enough to make Kundasang as one of the main tourist attractions of the State in Bawah Bayu.

Local Food Innovation Generating Income Generating

The beach breeze blew slowly in the morning. Small boats moored off the coast swayed to the beat of the wind. It looks like some fishermen are busy getting ready to go down to earn a living. That is the daily routine of most residents of Bruit Island who are looking for seafood for sale. If asked about this island, surely many are less familiar with it. Bruit Island is an island located between Kuala Paloh and Kuala Lassa Daro District, Mukah Division, Sarawak. Surrounded by the South China Sea, the island is the focus of seafood products. Among the famous products here is Lumek Salai fish. If Terubuk fish is famous for its deliciousness, Lumek fish can have its own characteristics.

Feroz Jumps Grassroots Innovation, Create A Name In The MCY Innovation Award 2018

For Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia, the name of Encik Mohd Feroz Zainal is no longer foreign. Since being selected as the winner of the Grassroots Innovation Award 2017 or better known as MaGRIs (Mainstreaming Grassroots Innovations), he is one of the most prominent innovators. As a result of his invention, the Batt Pack C13 began to gain space and demand from customers, especially night market sellers.