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Malaysia Social Innovation (MyIS) Grassroots aims to enhance the development and commercialization efforts of grassroots’ innovation including the provision of capacity building opportunities to local grassroots innovators. The program aims to add value to innovative products from prototype development to pre-commercialization.

Funding Details

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Product / prototype development
  • Promotion and training
  • Innovation must meet the definition of “Grassroots Innovation” as follows:
  1. Innovative products or processes developed by the low-income group, usually aimed at meeting basic needs as well as overcoming the hardships and challenges of life, OR
  2. Innovation is community-led to achieve sustainability of life which is often difficult to expand to other markets
  • Innovations that have high value, positive impact and contribute towards the well-being of rural communities will be given priority
  • The innovation being contested is the original Idea or improvement from the existing innovation
  • The accompanying innovation must have reached the prototype phase (almost complete) or ready to be developed. Each entry should be equipped with sufficient information to facilitate the selection process

Depending on the duration and nature of each project, the amount of grants we offer may vary. A maximum amount of RM30,000 can be awarded for projects that run for six (6) months. We focus on achieving long-term impact.

In addition to the awarded innovation development grants, we strive to support our innovators in capacity building. Through mentoring, training, innovation development, networking opportunities, market access, marketing advice, best practice advice, and more, we provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to develop potential grassroots innovations to market to pre- commercialization.

Email your innovation project paperwork with photos and / or videos to email For more information on the MaGRIs Program, please visit the website


If your innovation is selected by the MaGRIs Evaluation Committee, you will be given support in the form of product development initiatives, networking and application of knowledge where innovations with high market value potential will be given full exposure to market development support activities at the next level.

At the same time all participants will be invited to participate in the capacity building workshop organized by YIM during the duration of the program.

NO, only Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above are eligible to participate. Please refer to the terms & conditions at for more information.

NO. We accept participation from any individual as long as the innovations submitted for participation are based on initiatives that meet the needs of the community.

You will have to go through several stages of activity as listed below within 6 months. However, the date of implementation of these activities is subject to your consent and availability as much as possible.

  • Product construction with experts from YIM.
  • Attend workshops that aim to help improve the quality, marketability and sustainability of your innovation.

NO, unless your innovation does not meet the definition of Grassroots Innovation.

Complete the entry form online at

NO. The minimum qualification is that the grassroots innovation must be at least at the prototype stage (almost complete) or fully completed.

YES. But you have to send each innovation separately.

YES. You need to jointly develop a Business Plan that also includes a budget (guidance will be provided by YIM) before the grant is given to you for use. For invaders who choose to implement innovation only without engaging in any commercialization activities, YIM will connect you with potential local entrepreneurs as partners (subject to agreement from both parties).

You will have 100% rights to your innovation.

More info is available at the programme website:
Funding Document
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