Malaysia Social Innovation (MyIS) Community


Enhance the well-being of the community with priority for the B40 through the implementation of innovative local R&D technology application projects that has been developed and ready to implement.

Funding Details

  • Management fees
  • Raw materials cost
  • Equipment costs
  • Documentation and reports
  • Service costs
  • Existing technology and not prototype or R&D level
  • Minimum implementation and maintenance costs
  • Can be implemented within a maximum of 12 months
  • High-impact projects that contribute towards the well-being of the community through aspects such as increasing productivity, increasing the income of the communities involved and creating new employment opportunities
  • The project is able to grow as well as have a clear business plan or exit plan to cover the sustainability of the project
  • Each project must have at least 100 direct and indirect beneficiaries
  • The project is able to solve the problems faced by the community. The proposed technology should be supported by research or have won awards or is the result of the Creative and Innovative Group (KIK)
  • The project has been through community engagement sessions and collaborators, supported by baseline studies and has a clear cost component
  • The project has low maintenance costs, spare parts are easy to obtain, easy to maintain by the community and has a warranty
  • The project is able to reduce dependence on non-renewable natural resources, can operate without conventional supplies, reduce manpower consumption and reduce heavy machinery use

Depending on the duration and nature of each project, the amount of grants we offer may vary. A maximum amount of RM300,000 can be awarded for projects that run for twelve (12) months. We focus on achieving long-term impact.

Email your innovation project paperwork with photos and / or video to email For more information on the MySI Program, please visit the website


Improving the well-being of the community with priority to the B40 group through the implementation of innovative local R&D technology application projects that have been developed and are ready to be implemented sustainably.

MOSTI offers MySI Program funds from 20 February 2020 to 7 April 2020.

a. Applicants (project leaders) must consist of Government Agencies, Government Linked Companies (GLCs), Limited Liability Companies (CLG), Statutory Bodies and Public Universities only.

b. Applicants can implement the project on their own (without Collaborators) or collaborate with any appropriate entity (with Collaborators) as follows:

  • Relevant Government Departments / Agencies (federal / state / district);
  • Government-registered organizations / associations (examples: Cooperatives, NGOs);
  • Government Related Companies (examples: GLC, CLG) or private companies.

c. Only Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) projects are allowed. The project needs to have innovative elements that lead to the application of innovative local R&D technology that has been developed and existing.

d. The project carried out should be in accordance with the existing resources in addition to taking into account the suitability of location, infrastructure, terrain and others.

e. Direct recipients of benefits should consist of a community with priority to the B40 group (urban and rural poor). The number of beneficiaries for each project applied for must not be less than 100 people.

f. The project must be implemented in Malaysia.

The maximum quantum for each project is RM300,000.00. The maximum duration of project implementation is 12 months.


  1. Government agency
  2. Government Linked Companies (GLCs)
  3. Limited Liability Company (CLG)
  4. Public universities (IPTA)
  5. Government Statutory Bodies


  1. Federal Ministry
  2. Government departments
  3. Private university (IPTS)
  4. Private company (Enterprise / Partnership / Private Limited)
  5. School
  6. Cooperatives
  7. Association
  8. Individual

A collaborator is an entity or organization that works with the applicant in implementing the proposed project.

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