Ruang Reka STIE Keluarga Malaysia

complete spaces to work on creative and innovative ideas for youth
people targeted in 150 STIE-skilled communities to generate income and employment
youth involved with workshops and training with respect to the digital economy
aimed to be produced in the PPR community who can solve issues in the community through innovation
pilot project locations: Balai Raya Tmn. Mawar, NS; PPA Desa Rejang, KL; and PPR Hiliran, Terengganu.



The STIE @ Community Design Space Project is a science, technology, innovation and economic culture program by developing prototypes of innovation products to pre-commercialization levels and replicating innovation projects to other communities. This program is expected to improve the living standards and income of the local community through commercialization activities

3 Pilot Project Locations


The STIE @ Community Design Space is a space complete with technology (Computers, 3D Printers, Robotics Kits and electronics) to work on creative and innovative ideas for B40 and M40 youths in addressing local issues. Using Science, Technology, Innovation and Economics approaches ( STIE).

This program aims to cultivate Science, Technology, Innovation and Economics (STIE) at the community level, further providing opportunities for all B40 and M40 youths whether skilled or unskilled to produce innovation in hands on, experiential learning, sense of ownership and citizenship, STIE awareness through boot camps, brainstorming, mentoring and motivation made in a quadruple helix with stakeholders (academics, government agencies, researchers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)).

This program offers hands-on learning to develop the skills and talents of B40 and M40 youth. Among the skill development modules offered are digital economics, 3D printing, AI, robotic and electronic modules. In addition, the program also applies talent development through design thinking and mentoring modules.

The program targets the involvement of the local B40 and M40 communities especially the youths. This program will also involve several other stakeholders such as Government, Government Agencies, Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

This program targets the development of space in the People’s Housing Project or Public Housing Project community throughout Malaysia. 3 STIE @ Komuniti Space pilot pilot project locations are under development, namely in Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu and the Federal Territory of KL.

In 2021, YIM aims to build another 30 STIE @ Community Design Spaces involving 30 communities of People’s Housing Projects and Public Housing Projects throughout Malaysia. With the implementation of this program, YIM is targeting more than 105,000 community members to benefit from STIE culture.

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