Specifically designed to empower the bottom 40% of the income group to leverage on innovations to promote the transformation of communities including microenterprises in the rural areas through handholding and technical and management support, the High Impact Project 6 – Inclusive Innovation (HIP6) programme is part of the SME Masterplan 2012-2020 organised by SME Corp and managed by YIM as appointed Lead Agency.

HIP6 promotes public-private partnership to share responsibility and accountability in creating drivers of change that can empower the bottom 40% of the income pyramid to leverage on innovations created for the benefit and wellbeing of the communities.

Since the programme was incepted, almost 23,000 people have participated in the HIP6 Inclusive Innovation Challenges which is organised to identify deserving innovations for support and funding.

Visit Cabaran Inklusif website to know more: https://iic.innomap.my


The competition opened on the Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) website for this year 2020 is especially for Tricycle Competition and for Applications under HIP6 Grant only. There will be no Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) competitions conducted as in previous years.