As a national authority of Malaysia’s innovation landscape, YIM is paving the way forward and moving towards the establishment of an integrated knowledge hub and connecting platform for innovators, innovation market players, government agencies, NBOS partners, corporate sponsors, industry experts, regional/national innovation hubs from other countries and other enablers.

The specific dynamics of the processes of knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing, knowledge networking, innovation matching and knowledge reuse which are essential for the division’s objectives of bridging the innovation chasm between research and development from the public entities, private sector, higher education institutions, community and commercialisation towards sustainable socio- economic opportunities and impact.

The scope of work includes


Innomap is an online repository of information about innovations. Initially collating thousands of innovation ideas from YIM, the long term vision is to make Innomap the premier online repository that will provide shared resources of products and services that have undergone innovation development and/or commercialization stages.

This will be an important information cum resource centre for innovators, researchers, companies, industry players and every participant in the innovation-driven ecosystem.


YIM’s research team collates and analyses industry data and matches them with potential innovation projects as part of the knowledge and resource management functions. The objective is to impart efficient knowledge transfer processes across the value chain. The critical analysis from the research is expected to uncover the critical success factors that are pivotal to every innovation’s market penetration, growth and sustainability.

Data Analysis

Analytics from data collected from YIM’s innovation development and commercialization efforts provide a strong understanding of the building blocks towards innovation selection, capacity building, prototype improvement, production, commercialization and market diffusion. Guidelines, best practices and references are uncovered through this data driven responsibility.

Knowledge Management

The role of knowledge management in innovation development and management comes not only from the innovation database as data collected is used for comparison and strategizing different competitive advantages. Through this effort, the value proposition and drivers for growth can be managed more efficiently.

Management, Monitoring & Evalution

To ensure optimum project deliverables, monitoring and evaluation of innovation projects are executed independently of the project teams as a form of performance audit and outcome mapping. It also provides valuable and unbiased views of project performance with a learning-based approach.