YIM’s Mainstreaming Grassroots Innovation (MaGRIs) programme is a project that focuses on upscaling and accelerating the development and diffusion of potential grassroots innovations in Malaysia via collaboration with various parties from government, industry, grassroots community and youth.

The MaGRIs programme provides an environment to develop grassroots innovators with potential innovations and groom them to become community role models. New methods to stimulate grassroots commercial activities into mainstream commercial activities are often uncovered while grassroots innovators leverage through opportunities to mainstream their innovations into mainstream commercial activities. Often, academic and industry collaborators are roped in to support the MaGRIs programme activities.

From innovation development to commercialisation with market diffusion to inclusive communities, the programme even has its own MaGRIs Ambassador originating from the same communities, sharing community success stories and creating engagement with this targeted community. Since MaGRIs was incepted in 2016, more than 13,000 people have engaged with the programme.

Year 2020

  • Foklic Trolly
  • Arabica Farmstay Coffee
  • Dedak Pribiotik Itik Petelur
  • Inovasi Majmuk

Year 2019

  • Baja Attia Organik
  • Pengupas Kelapa 3in1
  • Water Pump Hydro
  • Sape Sarawak

Year 2018

  • Drabot Uno
  • Kit Pengurusan Uri
  • Buko Pandan
  • Kaya Slice

Year 2017

  • Battery Pack
  • Galah Tuis
  • Toolkit Cungkilan
  • Serunding Lumek
  • Nuget Ubi

Year 2016

  • EZ Filter
  • Nakula
  • MIG
  • Sprocket
  • Banana Craft
  • Kelapa Chimney