Pooling together the resources of joint leadership and base funds from both Federal and State Governments as well as NBOS strategies for shared leadership and a knowledge-intensive ecosystem, the National Innovation & Creative Economy Centre (NICE Centre) is a regional youth-focused innovation environment.

It is set up to capitalise market-driven ideas from young innovators for accelerated inclusive economic growth within the region. Centres are in selected states to support state-focused industries and leverage on industry comparative advantages for economies of scale through mentoring and, research and development collaborations as well as sharing of facilities and infrastructure.

Participating enablers include SME companies, industry non-governmental organisations, industry experts, local communities, research centres and universities etc. The NICE Centre is targeted to:

  • Nurture innovative and forward-thinking youth and local community
  • Streamline activities to create strong network of innovative intellectuals and resources, thus strengthening the innovation ecosystem
  • Leverage on local industry comparative advantage to accelerate economic growth
  • Enhance market-driven innovation and entrepreneurial activities in selected states to improve per capita income
  • Integrate innovation knowledge and resource depository system

Planning and implementation for the NICE Centre is underway. Details will be announced when the NICE Centre is officially launched.