The innovators are in the industry arts and craft using natural resources. Most of the producers of art and craft are commercial entities which manufactures machine made products with similar designs. However, what is appealing today are hand-made and unique designs using environmental friendly natural resources.

The innovators have developed a unique manufacturing eco-system comprising a number of stakeholders to produce beautiful hand-made product packaging and paper products made from natural banana fibre. This has resulted in:

  • Consistent quality of hand-made paper products
  • Increase production of paper products compared to traditional process

Its main target market are the farmer and villages in rural area providing them with additional revenue stream with the objective of raising their standard of living. The innovators have developed D’Banana Craft’s structured methodology and eco-system to produced banana paper products using various stakeholders.

  • Increases revenue stream for rural community, villagers, farmers and home entrepreneurs
  • Consistent production method for quality artisan paper
  • Eco-friendly and cost efficient as it uses discarded banana trunks and stems

Toolkit consists of:

  • D’Banana Craft Paper-Making Handbook
  • 2 explainer videos
  • 10 process demo videos
  • Comprehensive training workshops
  • Post-training mentoring
  • Marketing and distribution services