Nakula Palm Oil Loose Fruits Collection Device

NAKULA, which stands for “NakKutipLa…” is used in palm oil plantations to collect loose fruits that are scattered on the ground. The device is operated by single worker with simply pushing and pulling the device to pick up scattered loose fruits on the ground. NAKULA uses a picker wheel with many tynes to pick up the palm oil loose fruits during rolling back and forth. Once the whheel is full, fruits can be released by pushing the device on a spreaded sack while gripping the release lever. When the lever is gripped, the release mechanism will move down the claws in order to release the trapped fruits. The release mechanism consists of release lever, cable, and claws.

  • Makes palm oil fruit picking more efficient. Faster timing in picking loose fruits and moving on to the next oil palm trees.
  • Reduces work-related health issues
  • Streamlines company spending and minimises operation risks.
  • Ideal for small plantations where the loose fruit collection is done manually and every single fruit should not be wasted